Missing library.nu: obscurantism of the modern era


Library.nu, aka ebooksclub.org, aka gigapedia.com finally shut down. I learnt about library.nu about 2 years before and I knew from the first time it would close sooner or later. I was impressed of continuing its service. I heard various explanations like “its server is located at Sweden so it is protected by copyright laws.

I think copyright laws, initially aiming at protecting individuals and their rights, now turned to protect profits of large firms while inhibiting knowledge dissemination. Authors must be paid for their work but some companies are getting enormous profits while other people cannot afford the price. I don’t see any reason for a pdf version of a book to be sold more than 1-2 dollars.

I think library.nu is an innovative idea in books dissemination, both in terms of functioning and user interface. Now a vast number of people around the world know from direct experience how knowledge dissemination should have been and this fact cannot be revoked.  I hope our Society to reach a point where such a site will be legal, with book prices of 1 dollar or less. An 1 dollar library… Till then let’s enjoy the obscurantism of the modern era.


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