Monthly Archives: August 2008

Facebook Queen!!!

You are the … facebook queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
Facebook queen, feel the beat from the newsfeed
You can chat, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that cam, dig in the facebooking queen

Yes!!! you can have everyone you wish!

In facebook the potential to meet more and more possible mates has converted singles to consumers comparing “products” and looking for “opportunities”. I think it is the result of the modern society in general to oversupply potential chances. However the “opportunities” are only potential, usually virtual and very rarely accomplished.

Modern capitalistic societies are based in the illusion that you can be reach and happy. And indeed you have the potential. But this is an illusion because in reality only very very few men will fulfill their dream. In online social networking and dating we have an analogous situation. Individuals see a lot of stuff, compare the “products” and make choices that seldom comes to a result. Of course an individual who is lonely and isolated in traditional face-to-face environments maybe will have better chances with online social networking.But I think the oversupply of potential opportunities is enough to destroy one’s personal life and over estimate his/her abilities.The image of a couple sharing the dream of unified life is replaced by the agony of personal and professional evolution.


Never trust a quantitive research methodology …

… unless you have set it up yourself!!!

Today research methodology is too mechanical. A typical research paper consists of: a general background research in a way that serve the authors, setting the research questions according to this theoretical background (actually to the this specific view of the background) and the results we are expecting with great statistical accuracy but based in wrong theoretical foundation. Isn’t this approach too mechanical, to formulated, to limited to result real knowledge?

Real world -> real pain … Virtual world -> virtual pain?

I just saw some brutal uncensored photos from the real war between Georgia and Russia. Real world means real pain, real death. I was shocked.

First the shock and then the anger because human life and value is considered expendable by the world governors.

I hope in virtual environments to have only “virtual” pain, but I doubt.

in facebook we demostrate our best image… but are we becoming less face-to-face social talented?

A friend of me commented when he saw a facebook list for first time: all these girls are looking so beuatifull! I think users, especially female, make great efford to choose their best photos. And this is quite normal and expected I think.I also noticed that users usually prefer to appear with other in their profile photos. I looks like telling the others: look I am not alone, I am social successful!In localized face to face relations we appear attractive to new persons by explicit presenting our personality, we don’t carry our friends with us in a bundle. In facebook we try to appear attractive to new possible friends by presenting our established social network, our existing friends. In theory I think this is a good way to make the others trust us. But I wonder what will be the consequences of this new way of approach in our face to face, traditional making of new relations. May be will be less capable of gaining the others with our personality.

Hybrid Society

I think modern society is hybrid. Modern society is both off-line and on-line, virtual and real. I can see only one society continuum. At one edge there is the absolutely natural expression of the society, making love, hugs, human contact. At the other edge is the virtual edge, absolutely technology mediated. How technology mediation alter our social interactions in meta-modern hybrid society, in comparison with older traditional societies? That is the question! How we can find the answer? Is it a biological – behavioral question or a philosophical one?