Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

Wikipedia: a new complex system of interrelating parts

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies. Is Wikipedia an ICT? a web 2.0 paradigm? or a promising social media? and “The medium is the message” as McLuhan said. But what is this media? Is it pure technology? And is a pure technology enough to make a change? May be is enough.. or may be is just enough to spark a change.. or may be it depends.. The focus of human attention on technology and media is inevitable, or may be inevitable. The medium is the first thing someone usually observes. It has material or even virtual dimensions, it is there, you can touch it.

What is the medium that Wikipedia visitors see? It is the wiki interface but most of all the articles, there there, they can be touched.. e, sorry I mean they can be read, or printed and then touched. So what is Wikipedia? Simple answer, it is an Encyclopedia, a collection of articles and a supporting technology, wiki software. So simple.

Something missing? hm.. May be Wikiedians? Nonymous editors and admins supporting and defending the project. And anonymous ip contributors contributing small bricks that summed together can build great buildings. And all these contributors, nonymous and anonymous, are human agents, cummunicating with each other.

So, Wikipedia as a technology or something else? Who invent Wikipedia? Jimbo? Cunningham? What is Wikipedia? an Encyclopedia? the medium that changed the world? what? And where human agency is in all this? Or just where is human behavior in all this?