Global Audience vs. Local Sharing vs. Self Reflection

Modern blogs and web 2.0 sites are media that offer us the opportunity to distribute our blog11thoughts, suggestions, opinions, novels, poems and artifacts to a potential global audience. A blog post can easily be read (or actually accessed and seen) by many many guys.

Sharing a thought, a poem or anything personal in a closed circle of friends or acquaintances is a quite different process leading to a totally different lived experience. Even publishing in a local community through a local paper magazine is quite different to internet blogging.

Modern cyber culture offers new ways of expression which are not mutual exclusive with the traditional ones. However human time is limited so blogging actually results to the reduction of other ways of communication, such as local publishing or live face to face sharing. This is bad or good?

The available media to express our thoughts are determined by the specific cultural-historical context and cannot easily be compared. Sometimes we have to go with the flow, otherwise we gonna be swept off. We are determined by the flow and we co-determine the flow, but we cannot ignore it.

Once upon a time, in 80’s, I was going to my neighborhood’s shop to buy a magazine and get the information I was looking for. I still enjoy reading a magazine or a book when I have time (rarely unfortunately). But I cannot ignore internet resources, blogs and sites, where I get up to date knowledge, hear different individual’s opinions and have access to collaborative work.

I feel nice when I read a beuatiful poem in a blog’s post. But I don’t feel unique, although sometimes I wanted. Nevertheless, I feel happy being able to share my thoughts in this blog and have the opportunity to listen to different points of you. It is something controversial…


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