Semantic Pain, Human Society…

tragedy-in-lebanon-15GGG stands for Giant Global Graph. It is a term first used by Tim Berners-Lee the guy who is considered as inventor of WWW. The word Graph may be is more suitable to describe the multimodal connections between persons in online social networks like myspace and facebook, instead of the term Web. But this is a matter of convention. The term Web is, nevertheless, used metaphorically to express the amazing amount of connections between documents and objects, representing, nowadays, persons, feelings and ideas in a semantic web.

According to many guys, Internet and the resulting web is the most succesful artifact ever created… Artifacts are central points in our lives because their ways of mediating the outside world and the internal psychological processes, according to Vygotsky. So Internet is altering us and we are forming Internet in a perpetual circle  of mutual determination. What we can observe and research on today is just an instant of this mutual negotiation.

However, despite the changes in our psychological processes, in our cognitive development and in our body, due to sitting all day in front of a computer screen, the feelings, the sense of happiness or misery, are sensed by our very corporal body, the body of the pre-historical, verbal inhabitant of this planet, the body of the industrial worker, the body innocent victims of today war crimes, the body of the digital-born teenager in the virtual community of facebook.

I feel the need to understand humans’ feeling and pain and I am looking for a better place to live, with dignity and respect to human feelings and lives, a place hybrid or not, does not matter, just a human society…


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