Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

I think today in Greece the winning team is Digital Immigrants. But this is a game we know we gonna lose. Sooner or later, Digital Natives, will conquer the world. Digital Natives are the people born in the era of Hybrid Society and in the context of computer mediated communication and information super highways. For digital natives virtual social interactions are taken for granted and computer’s mediation is inevitable.

I have to confess that I used a personal PC for the first time in my life at the age of 18. My whole school years were pure with no computers and cell phones. I first met the guy named Internet at the age of 21 but at that time I couldn’t even imagine its evolution and its multiplexion with our lives. I consider myself as immigrand in the cyberspace. And I wander what are the differences between my generation and digital natives generation. What are the differences in the learning processes, in the formation of cognitive procedures, in cognitive development, in socialization, in mental health? And at the end what is the overall impact on quality of life and on human spirit? to cyber or not to cyber… That is the question…


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