The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a wonderful book. Full of emotions advanced ideas and valuable simplicity. This book cannot easily be categorized. Is not a simple novel, is not a scientific book. Actually it is letter, full of valuable and emotional material, to his children. The book was issued in April 2008 just three months before his death. Randy Pausch passed away in July 25th, 2008 due to pancreatic cancer.

In his book Randy Pausch is writing about fulfilling dreams, his own dreams and others’ dreams. But this is just a “head-fake”. Actually is a letter to his children about what he wanted to tell them but they were to young to understand. However this emotional father’s letter to his children is valuable for every children and every adult. It is a passage full of simple and useful advises for everybody’s life. But surely his children will read it in very special way.

The Last Lecture was very helpful to me and make me think about matters of existence, life value, dignity, compassion, humility, intelligence and time management. As a computer scientist I also enjoyed the section about Alice project ( which I think is an important educational environment for teaching programming. It is more suitable for modern students in comparison with Logo language. It is object-oriented and 3-d environment. Very creative software.

I feel grateful to Randy Pausch for his contribution to our life and I am sure his three children and wife will adore him also through the memories and guides he left behind for them.

Randy Pausch was offering a course named “Building virtual worlds” at Carnegie Mellon University and was a head member of ETC (Entertainment Technology Park) at the same university.


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