Homo Hybridious!

Communications Technology always changes the available for communication ways. Literacy, for example, made possible to pass people thoughts and ideas through different generations and human communities without the need for oral communication and with a great level of accuracy (with respect to the fact that orality is a completely different way of thinking and communicating in comparison with literacy). Electronic media, wired and wireless communications changed the available communication pathways and caused what Gergen calls the absent presence.

Online social networking (OSN) is a new communication technology. It is not new regarding the technological infrastructure and communicating tools. Internet and computer networks are available since 1970’s. However Online social networking is new a technology because incoroperate ideas and methods of social interaction never used before in human history. Such a new idea is the infinite interconnection with others through common friends. The other idea is the social construction of identity in social networking virtual environments. In these fully technology mediated environments we are known by the company we carry. However is not difficult to construct a strong social identity becouse relations in environments like facebook are rather superficial in comparison to face-to-face relations. Welcome Homo Hybridious!


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