Hybrid social learning…

Modern society is hybrid consisted of a virtual and a real world part. What about learning. According to Vygotsky and other thinkers, learning is a social process. We learn when we interact with others. Children are learning in families, local societies, tv and media, Internet and virtual communities. What is left for school? Well school is also a place of social interactions and learning. An important issue is the combination of social interactions and learning procedure. This is done be Virtual Learning environments like Moodle. However these environments are course-centric, so social interactions within are kept to a minimum level. Maximizing social interactions can be done with the use of educational social networking technologies. That is a student-centric and not lesson-centric educational platform. May be a kind of social-extended and user centered Moodle platform. So every student can have a central user profile and approaches educational material and educational social activities.

I am not sure whether the above idea is functional or not. Finally may be we have to keep some things traditional. Technology cannot be the drug to treat every disease. But we have to check it. The fact is that modern students are definitely using social networking for their needs.

Even if social networking is proven to worth use it in a class, introducing the procedure into school practice is a very hard task. A great effort is required to educate teachers and pay the cost and nobody intends to do so. What I see in my country is always formal training programs for teachers that are implemented during teachers free time, without paying them. And always the content of the programs are at least nothing worthies the time to attend. I cannot understand why someone who want to train teachers to a modern approach, uses traditional approach in his/her very teaching! I assume he/shedoes not know what is supposed to teach.

Great Expectations…


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