Virtual vs. real world experience

virtual reality worlds bring a totally new social environment for mankind. Human psychological characteristics developed through many years of evolution in a natural environment with no virtual stimulus. Modern hybrid society imposes new ways of social interactions. We have the body of a primitive hunter in a technology mediated social environment. In any new context some men are better adapted and some others no. Natural selection is expanded to include technological adaptation.

Virtual experience is altering human psychology in many ways. New acquaintances in facebook are reinforced by social contacts, guaranteeing the individual’s integrity. Social networking users are social defined beings. In facebook we are known by the company we carry with us. Virtual experience is affecting real world processes and vice verse. Human cognitive functions are context sensitive. New technology mediated social environment is expected to change human thinking.

Learning was always a social process and a fumdamental mean for human development. Today learning is also a social networking process. Hybrid society lead to hybrid experience and hybrid social learning.


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