New media technology is not always an innovation for mind…

I don’t want to be technophobic. I just remember some years before the first appearance of Speech recognition software. At that time there was a great expectation about the end of computer keyboards and keyboard writing. Typewriting wouldn’t be necessary any more. Today is clear to me that keyboards will not be replaced. What we are thinking at a given time is not always clear to us. We need time to think and to reshuffle our thoughts. This is the very point where typewriting is essential. We need to add words or change the order of the sentences. Hand-writing or keyboard-writing is a way of thinking and managing our ideas, is not a way of expressing an already clarified passage inside our brain.

The fact is that with any kind of innovation cannot be sure or make accurate estimations about public acceptance and success. We have to try and check after. The truth is out there…

Online social networking is a new social communication technology. A new computer mediated environment, fascilitating social interactions (or inhibiting essential human contact according to others). Most people believe that virtual (or better mixed) social interactions is the enevitable human future or even the today reality. But I think we have to wait and see. May be the result will be saturation and going back or adopting something new. Unfortunately future is unknown. This is the human curse or may be the magic of life. Let Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos do their job.


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