We begin from the fact the week has 7 days…..

time and space… time and virtual space… lived experience and virtual experience…

Traditional time metering is defined by natural and social phenomena. A 24 hours day is defined by the alternation of light and darkness (natural phenomenon), a year by the alternation of seasons (natural phenomenon). A modern 7 days week is defined by the sequence of 5 or 6 working days and a free (or wished so!) weekend (social phenomenon). People suffering from work burn out they see friday as heaven and monday as hell…

I wonder whether days, weeks and months are suitable measuring units for time in virtual environments like facebook. In virtual dimension there is no sun light and moonlight (sometimes this is the case in modern cities!), no working days and holidays no season changes. Actually a facebook user can have a sense of the season from the photos uploaded and this is because of a connection to real dimension. But there is no clear correspondence between time in face-to-face environments and virtual environments. In virtual communities we have session varying from a short facebook account check to a pathological long net gaming period.

How we measure virtual time and how this measurement is connected with off-line experienced time?

At the end time is the only good we cannot save and store…

… but my week has 7 days …


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